about sam

I live for sunrises and sunsets. For witnessing the sun creep up over a mountain, for the scent of rainfall in the desert, for the nights spent stargazing on top of a mesa. For me, happiness was never in a single location, or a box with windows, a roof and a door. Home and happiness for me are in the fleeting moments I witness and the experiences I live.

Growing up in the woods of western Pennsylvania, I flew to Arizona for the first time and fell in love. Since then, I left my job as a commercial designer and traveled across the states from east to west, changing my home address often but always finding the beauty of wherever I reside. 

 Through creating and nature, I feel most connected with myself and the world… I find my home. In my design and photography, I wish to capture the spirit of adventure,  moments of beauty, and the human connection to our earth.

I hope my work brings meaningful imagery to you, that you celebrate all of your adventures big and small, and that you catch all of the sunsets in your life.

- sam


Let's work together

I partner with brands, agencies and tourism boards to create content and support campaigns that inspire curiosity, adventure and the outdoor lifestyle.

If you have a project you’re interested in collaborating on, drop me a note and let’s talk!